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Newsletter 16: I-motivate, U-motivate

Newsletter 16: I-motivate, U-motivate

I-motivate, U-motivate They say we are all motivated for different reasons. Motivation is attached to our behaviour and goals. Motivation for a sportsperson is about winning, for a salesperson is about money or for a journalist is about winning a Wakeley. Of course...

Newsletter 14 Sales: What I learnt

Sales & leadership can be learnt from a 16 year old Netball team. The season started like any other season until my daughter’s netball team started winning their games by a massive margin.  The Netball association decided to promote the team up to the next grade....

Newsletter 12, Smart Goals?

Every year the same questions are asked of me and many of you as well What are your New Year Resolutions for: Personal Business Financial Then at the end of the year we are asked a similar question What were your highlights in these areas this year? Did you achieve...

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