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Employment Proposition

Why Employment Proposition Survey works

When current practice, strategies or assumptions are under the microscope, our methodology identifies where things are working well and where the challenges lie.

In today’s socially connected world, people have many platforms to contribute their opinions, collaborate and share ideas. However, there are times when you need to focus discussion and get to the heart of issues and challenges – in person.

Considered feedback and valued input demands much more than simple Likes on Facebook,Followers on Twitter or tick boxes on Survey Monkey. In an on-line world, the power of interpersonal connection is often over-looked and certainly under-valued.

For all the convenience and flexibility that virtual world offers, these platforms can’t replace the value of personal interaction, conversation and collaboration. Our intervention techniques build directly toward the human element.

Employment Proposition Survey is a highly interactive and bespoke solution. Underpinned by robust data capture, analysis and reporting methodology we can customise a survey that meets your unique needs.

All Employment Proposition Survey solutions are underpinned by a tried and true methodologies.  What’s more, survey questions are customised to reflect your unique requirements.

Lining up the ducks with Employment Proposition Survey – a tried and true methodology

Employment Proposition Survey  uses state of the art audience polling response devices to keep attendees involved and engaged.  This is a powerful way to connect and communicate with each and every person present.

No longer does the loudest person have all the say – everyone has the opportunity to put their views forward.

Employment Proposition Survey is efficient. Data is captured throughout the consultation process, there is no need for someone to record meeting feedback. The system takes care of that automatically.

Employment Proposition Survey is as a facilitated process, using interactive response technology. There are no paper-based forms or questionnaires and there are no on-line surveys.

Much like the worm used in televised debates, participants use individual key cards to respond to a series of questions, building the picture as they go.

Individual responses are anonymous and when each question is polled, everyone sees the results. Getting real-time results enables us to confirm understanding or review critical concepts as necessary.

People focused – Getting people to attend can hard enough. The methodology is about building collaborative capacity with everyone in the group. Seeing the issues, challenges and opportunities clearly presented, provides everyone with a chance to respond – this is why Employment Proposition Survey works so well.

Considered questions – Employment Proposition Survey reflects what market research professionals know – the value of well phrased questions. We ensure interpretation errors are reduced so that you can have confidence in survey outcomes.

95% participation target – It is difficult enough to keep people focused let alone deal with struggling attention spans as discussion moves around, especially in open forums. Employment Proposition Survey keeps people-focused.

Anonymous feedback - When people are assured that their responses are anonymous, they are more likely to provide open and frank feedback. The technology assures that individual responses are entirely confidential. This ensures you get the true picture because everyone has confidence in the process.

No survey fatigue - The mix and number of questions coupled with interactivity will keep participants wholly engaged throughout the process. This reduces the likelihood of fatigue that can lead to poor quality responses.

Data driven – With either two or four response indicators per question, Employment Proposition Survey enables accurate comparative analysis across each consultation group. Being data driven coupled with considered questions, the data provides actionable outcomes.

Scalability –Employment Proposition Survey is scalable. Data gathered across several consultation groups can be aggregated to provide a whole-of-business or community picture, or reported separately by survey group.

"If you don't know where you started, how will you know when you get there?" Napper Wainwright.

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