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Sales Effectiveness

“You can purchase things on the internet cheaper”

“Competition is tough”

“The opposition is cheaper than us”

Are you hearing this from your sales staff?

We find that after a while staff get conditioned to what they hear, and unfortunately they believe it. Like those of us who use a coach we need good techniques and tools to increase sales within to become sales effective.

Low sales effect your morale, productivity and produce poor bottom lines. Your customers see a high turnover of sales staff and they think twice about using your organisation.

Do your staff understand their style of selling? We will guide them through a process to ensure they know how to communicate, ask the right questions, respond, overcome objections and listen for closing statements to close sales. The sales effectiveness technique is everything and mastering these sales techniques will see a remarkable difference in your sales team, productivity and profits.

Sales Effectiveness is a 2 day course that requires a minimum of 10 people.

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