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Customer Service

The internet is competing with bricks and mortar, reps compete with overseas telemarketers therefore the market is more competitive than ever. Customer service demands are greater than ever.  It needs to be exceptional with the aim of maintaining current customers and growing casual customers, to convert them to loyal customers.

All staff from the reception area to the person at the back of the office needs to be equipped with great customer service techniques in today’s highly competitive business environment.

This course guides you to be able to over deliver on your promises without shouting it from the rooftops. Words are cheap and actions speak louder than words. The methods used in this course will impact the way you think, and introduce new skills for you to deliver smiles to your customers’ faces.  Upon the completion of the course your staff will have the skills to strengthen the loyalty of your customers for years to come.

The Exceptional Customer Service training course is a 1 day program.

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