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Really! Are you sure you have the sales team you want?

This would have to be the best time to reflect on the past six months regarding the performance of your sales team and consider how you are going to get them to bring home the result.

When reviewing the Sales team consider the following

  • The dynamic of the team, have you recently replaced a person?
  • What is happening in their personal life (can be to your advantage)
  • Motivation: has their focus changed?
  • Are their sales on one product and not others?
  • New systems
  • Do they have the skills?
  • Are they willing?
  • Are they tired and in need of a break?

These and other questions I would be asking and then consider how you adopt them to refresh your sales team to reach their targets

Also consider if you are on target and have strategies to prepare for the worst. There are factors you cannot control, for example:

  • The political climate and how it affects our business
  • Digital interference
  • The economy
  • New competition
  • New products

These are just a few insights for you to consider and find solutions that will see your team stay or become happier. Churn of staff is detrimental to your customers and business and allows competitors in.

Consider this, book your success today and control the things that you can

Merry Christmas to you and your family and give yourself the best present you can in 2016, success.


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