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Tuckermans Model Engages with Will & Skill

Recently I have seen massive change in an industry that will have an effect on people we know or ourselves.

The new contract for Job Services Australia has changed and the impact it has had on this industry has been immense.

The highly visible Job Services Australia signs, or other signs from other businesses who also represented the unemployed who missed out on this new contract, have gone. Their staff who worked for them may also find themselves without a job.

The flip side for the organisations who have kept the contract is that their staff will be feeling anxious due to the changes.  In some instances they will be re applying for their current positions, or looking for alternative work in more senior roles.

Well done for the organisations that have leaders in place, but they need to be careful as their team dynamic will change.

More than likely they will need to introduce new staff and they will be seeking out how they will fit into their team.  Some of the older staff who have been with the organisation will be applying their stamp and directing.

Utilising “Tuckermans model”, your team will begin at the early stage of Forming, proceeding to Storming, then Norming and Performing. For some employees it may get too hard and they will resign. This process needs to be effectively managed and communicated to all as a group.

To ensure you manage your team members effectively consider utilising a combination of “Tuckermans Model” and “Commitment and Capability or Will and Skill” coaching techniques. The more experienced staff don’t want to be micro managed.  The antithesis member that has the will but lacks the skill will need your guidance.

As the contract is new there will be only a few staff that will have the detailed knowledge about how to meet the contract requirements, thus there will be a low percentage of skilled people in your team.

With the theory think about how you will communicate the new contract to the all team members and consider their behaviour styles, and current levels of knowledge.

Consider daily meetings, have champions of different areas, and encourage all staff to participate so that they feel part of it.

I am sure that if you invest in your staff, they will invest in you and that your team will become successful and will be performing more often than not.

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