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What is the financial and emotional cost if your staff are not engaged at work? A corporate social path will not engage his staff or that management style, of ruling with an iron fist.

A leader who innovates and is proactive with his team will gain more than respect. You only have to consider those people who have managed you to know this is an honest statement.

Leaders should not be fearful of investigating of how to increase productivity and returning profits to the bottom line. One of the largest investments is people, they can make or break your business, unless they are engaged.

“A happy wife is a happy life” and this applies to your staff. Don’t be fearful and be innovative with your staff: Have a clear understanding of what is important to the individual and what is required to be engaged with the business. You want and need people to work blood, sweat and tears, not just for the dollar.

Non engagement is toxic to the culture of the organisation, and to the bottom line it creates churn and road blocks motivation. Haven’t we all been in situations where we just had to get out at any cost?

Signs of a toxic culture are increasing

  • sick days
  • tardiness
  • attitude
  • errors in the work
  • internal issues

Just to name a few.

So how do you engage the team member and then ensure they stay engaged?

I like that you can analyse the whole business in a silo vertical integration and gain a 360 view, with an honest transparent survey. Management must listen and act to gain trust from the survey, therefore engage the staff and team to improve culture.

The focus of the survey should be about the staff, how they perceive themselves in the business and others around them. Everyone should be surveyed from a trainee through to the CEO and the results and plans of how you are going to make changes as a result of your findings, need to be shared.

The staff who have direct contact with the customers are the eyes and ears of the business and they can make or break your business.

Additionally, I read both the Towers Watson 2012 and Gallup’s 2013 world-wide surveys which consistently showed that around 25% of employees are disengaged at work. These people are not committed to their employer or job.  Just as disturbing, another 40% said they were detached - only partially motivated by their employment proposition. This means that on average, only 1/3 of employees are engaged.

If the team changes so will that dynamic and the business culture so it pays to monitor all engagement and review this on an annual basis whilst preparing for the following years budget process.  By reviewing and completing an assessment the result will be beneficial in reducing stress, increasing your place of employer of choice and maximising your profits.

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