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Is your personal brand valuable?

In times past the only branding that we spoke about was a business or maybe a celebrity who had endorsed a product. In a highly competitive market where there are more choices, we have seen products withdrawn from those that have fallen from grace.  In the event that the person or team had faulted with bad publicity then the contract was terminated. Companies need to protect their brand.

Social media and the Internet have changed the way we make our decisions.

So who needs to protect their personal Brand?

We all do and don’t mistake it if you slip up there are plenty of people to capture that moment, who you wished hadn't.

Reputation is everything, as my grandfather use to state, you could be a lot of things but your reputation is everything, people will always be quicker to judge your bad behaviour, than your good behaviour.  As the old saying goes “Bad news travels faster”.

It is very hard to rebuild a bad reputation. Consider the reputation of Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods who have fallen from grace at a considerable cost to their reputation and finances.    The NRL Sharks lost the stadium and their Jumper sponsor, according to the article written by Phil Rothfield in the Daily Telegraph February 19th, 2013. What was the cost to the clubs reputation and finances and how long did it take to rebuild the loyalty with the sponsors and the fans?

Consider the extent of loss to Essendon if they loose KIA or other major sponsors, along with the reputation of those involved including coaches to senior management that are sacked or forced to resign. The cost to the coach who has been a favourite son of the club and now has become the prodigal son.

What’s this got to do with you as an individual? Social media is as important in building your individual brand as it is for your business, so plan ahead and create what you want and if you don’t know, please err on the side of caution!

Our belief  is that it is important to have a public profile out there, and for those who don’t the question will be asked, why? and what are you hiding?

The message is simple: plan and brand you in the best positive light as possible. A potential employer will want you and if you have similar beliefs to the organisation you will fit into the culture which gives you a much greater chance of a successful future and opportunities.

Integrity is everything! Future employers and people you do business with want to trade your services for financial gains if they like you, and more importantly,  if they trust you.

Therefore create and protect your brand and earn the respect that you deserve. I’m sure it will pay some financial rewards.

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