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Ivan Cunningham

Ivan Cunningham ,Corporate Trainer, Sydney, Ryde, Everything DiSCDirector and Lead Trainer of “The Training Network” With over 25 years of experience in publishing and retail industries (motoring, restaurant, food, soft furnishings and flooring), Ivan Cunningham is an experienced, proven sales professional and manager.
Consulting for a range of clients, from niche small business operators up to large multinational companies in marketing and advertising, Ivan has the ability to adapt to his required audience. An entrepreneur, Ivan has also owned several successful coaching and retail businesses.

Academic qualifications with Communication Management, In-house Corporate Management Training and national accreditation of Certificate IV in Training and Assessment have taught Ivan how to achieve success through the training he delivers today. Ivan is inspirational and committed to results, displaying strong leadership and negotiation methodologies in his practices. His high energy level is always evident to those with whom he has commercial dealings.


  • While working for a major global media corporation, optimism, tenacity, smart strategies and customer service saw an increase of his sales by 70% in a GFC (2009).
  • During his time at a large rural media organisation, Ivan was instrumental in evolving the look of the newspaper he managed to suit the customers as their needs changed. He managed the process from the readers, to management and to the staff to ensure an increase in revenue from paper sales and advertising to guarantee a strong and profitable future.
  • Through building a relationship with many businesses he has become a trusted confidante. This trust resulted in Ivan developing and implementing practical solutions to his portfolio's needs.
  • Ivan worked with the MGTB Inc Tourism Board for over two years to ensure a different commercial perspective, and was involved in regular events where he was Master of Ceremonies for many regional and local organisations, for example the Mudgee Show Society.
  • Ivan understands the dedication that is required to be successful: as a competitive swimmer, planning and persistence saw success when he competed in the 1992, 4th World Masters Swimming titles in Indianapolis and ranked in the top 12 for his age group.
  • On retirement from swimming he coached a range of swimmers, including Paralympian, Melissa Carlton, who competed at the 1996 Atlanta Games, winning Gold in the 400m Freestyle, along with other medals.

Ivan has provided sales training at various seminars; giving presentations on how to sell successfully, and achieved some astounding results from those events. He has an intimate understanding of both small business and the corporate world. This understanding has galvanised his thinking that, while the financial metrics are the same across industries, the primary driving factor to business success hinges on the commitment, enthusiasm and coaching of the team.

Ivan’s commitment ensures growth of talent plus an increased energy and enthusiasm amongst those whom he trains. Our clients can be confident that he will deliver a positive change to their business.

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