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460 Minutes Time Management

What takes up your time?
Where do you waste time?
Where can you save time that won’t affect business, family or time for yourself?

There is insufficient time in the day to do everything and we are all guilty of doing the fun things first and the harder things, whenever.

Discipline, where do you start? What do you need to prioritize first without getting stressed and stretched?
This training will deliver effective, Time Management which will outline to balanced your time so that you are efficient, reducing stress, giving you more time for work, family and personal time. Learn the smart tools and strategies to become effective and deliver results without feeling guilty.

Effectively manage your time utilising your paper or electronic diary, along with CRM systems and watch your productivity increase. Regain control of your workload by effectively managing yourself and others. This training will also teach you how to prioritise your time intelligently and teach you assertive behaviour and efficient delegation skills.

Less stress more gain.

The 460 Minutes Time Management training course is a 1 day program.

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